Partnering with HEALTHCARE Leaders to Elevate Infusion Care at Omega Health Clinics

At Omega Health Clinics, we join forces with leading healthcare providers to enhance infusion care quality and accessibility. Discover our esteemed partners who share our vision of patient-centric care.


About Apex

Apex Infusion Pharmacy specializes in providing a wide range of infusion therapy services in the comfort of patients’ homes or other non-hospital settings. Their multidisciplinary team approach ensures a smooth continuity of care for patients transitioning from hospital to home, aligning with our goal of delivering patient-centric care.

Mutual Goals, Complementary Services

Our collaboration with Apex enhances our ability to provide quality Infusion Care. Both entities prioritize patient comfort and well-being, striving to offer top-notch infusion therapy services. The support from Apex’s 24-hour on-call pharmacist further enriches the healthcare experience for our patients.

Enhanced Communication, Better Patient Care

Apex maintains open communication with physicians, sharing crucial information on drug reactions and consumption rates. This level of coordination fosters better assessment and management of each patient’s healthcare needs, elevating the standard of infusion care provided1.

The Omega Health Clinics Experience

At Omega Health Clinics, we’ve reimagined patient care. From a quick start to upfront pricing and financial assistance,
to compassionate care in our serene environment, you will experience infusion therapy like never before.

Clinical Excellence

Omega Health Clinics treatments are administered by our highly-experienced certified Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. Staff works under the guidance of our Chief Medical Officer, an MD widely respected throughout the state of California.


We offer a variety of appointment times including evenings and weekends to accommodate each patient’s schedule. Parking is easy and wait times are minimal.


We develop long-term relationships with our patients. We tailor the treatment experience to each patient’s preference.


We’ve designed our space to create an ambience of serenity. Amenities include Wifi, iPads, wireless headphones, snacks and beverages.


With upfront pricing, low-cost drug prices, and total transparency, you will never get any surprise bills. Each patient receives an individualized My Cost Estimate before their appointment and can expect no hidden costs and financial support during their patient journey.